Lan-Servers Datacenter

Carrier neutral datacenter located in Bulgaria on a road of many network points.

Our datacenter is Tier 3 category. We have two transformers, four diesel generators and six groups of UPS devices. The Internet connectivity and capacity are secured by the largest Tier 1 Internet service providers in Europe and the world. We have on-site NOC which is staffed by experienced technicians, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team is dedicated to provide a world-class service and support to our customers.

Guaranteed parameters

Redundant Power Feeds A+B: 99,99999%
Temperature: 20±2̊C
Relative Humidity of the Air: 50±10%

  • BMS system for real-time parameters monitoring
  • Private parking & convenient load/unload area
  • World-class service and support to customers
  • Perfect Service Track Record (100% availability)
  • Designed to meet highest industry standards.
  • Designed to meet wide customer requirements
  • Multi-stage authentication process (finger scan, RFID card and PIN)
  • Redundant support systems
  • Class A main electrical feed
  • Lockable Racks with individual lock for each rack
  • Customizable Secure Private Cages
  • Diverse Meet-Me rooms (MMR)
  • Redundant (N+1) Air Conditioning System with hot-and-cold Row configuration
  • Redundant cable entries from parallel streets
  • A, B, C and D alternative Diesel Generator groups with total power 3.0 MW
  • Two transformers (2 х 1.2 MW)
  • Emerson (N+1) redundant climate control equipment
  • Siemens Cerberus – VESDA
  • FM200 and IG-55 – fire extinguishing agent
  • Leak Detection System
  • Security with access control points and CCTV
  • Under the raised floor electrical cabling
  • Individually accounted power consumption w. online monitoring
  • 6 groups Independent (N+1) A, B, C and D UPS 220V AC power feeds
  • 4 groups Independent (N+1) A, B, C and D 48V DC power feeds
  • Over 80 tons UPS batteries
  • Redundant internal optical paths in different ways
  • Increased security through lockable cabinets and cells
  • Individually accounted power consumption
  • Load of plates – 1000kg/m2
  • 60 cm raised flooring

We provide 24/7 On-site Monitoring and Support, Customer access, Remote Hands & Eyes service

We are providing a high level of information security. The customers benefit from our infrastructure, thereby reducing operational costs and eliminating the investment expenditures for colocation facility to host their equipment. The redundancy of the datacenter, the quality control and the information security systems allow for 99.999% continuity of the services. To be able to protect sensitive information of our customers, we apply a number of means of physical protection and access control, which includes 24/7 duty engineers, armed guards and constant surveillance of all areas. Thus we build confidence in all our customers for a high-grade services and competitive pricing.

Our datacenter is home for more than 50,000 servers

Check out some of our hardware

NEED HELP? Call our support 24/7 at (+359) 89 593 5835 or Contact Us

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